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Black Marble
Black Marble
Black Marble


Reminiscent X is Rachel & James Allard.

Rachel and James met at the Birmingham Conservatoire (now Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) where they quickly became close friends. Amongst many other roles, Rachel's talent has seen her spend a number of years singing at Teatro Real in Madrid, and James' love for music led him to be a commercial radio presenter in the UK. 

Now, they are married and combining their talents to write, record and produce their own music. From their self-built studio, their debut album Quitters, Haters, Manipulators is now complete and due for release summer 2024. Single releases All I Want, Fighter, Midas Touch and Forever are already available.

James also works with new artists, helping with writing, recording, production and mixing. If you are interested in working with James on a project, please use the contact form here.

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